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Your First Visit

Booking an Appointment

Let our staff help you pick a convenient date and time for your visit and schedule your first appointment. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at (705) 429-2000, email us at or book online.


New Patient Forms

As a new patient, you will be required to fill out a patient record and tell us about your dental health, previous treatments, medications you currently take and general health conditions. We want to be well informed about your health to pick the correct treatment and minimize the risk of complications.



When completing the new patient forms, we kindly ask you to provide the details of your insurance policy so that we can try to obtain a detailed breakdown of your coverage for your appointment.


Exam, X-rays and Cleaning

As a new patient, we will require a complete record of x-rays to obtain a clear picture of your teeth and bone health to detect conditions that are invisible to the naked eye. We will also use tools through visual examination and intra oral cameras to document your dental health condition. If you are not suffering from extensive bone disease (which will require additional appointments to complete a thorough cleaning), we will also complete the cleaning after obtaining all the necessary information. 


Treatment Plan

Dr. Kooner will present all of our findings and discuss your oral health. After understanding your expectations and goals, we will put a plan together to maintain a healthy smile going forward. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Kooner about anything you have on your mind. 


Schedule Next Visit

Our front desk staff can help you book your next appointment before you leave our office and also discuss any information regarding insurance coverage and estimated costs for treatment


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