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The Wasaga Dental Experience

Comfort Menu

When you are in the dental chair, we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Our comfort menu offers Netflix on our ceiling TVs, a Head pillow to prevent any strains on your neck, an eye mask for those who would rather not see what is going on around them, ear plugs to drain out the noise, a weighted blanket to help ease any anxiety and lip balm to fight the inevitable dry environment from the procedure. At the end of your appointment, look out for our Post-Treatment Menu – because we all deserve a treat after some dental work. 

Your Dental Treatment Options are Fully Explained

Not many patients are fully aware of dental diseases, their causes and methods of treatment – and that is ok because you don’t have to be an expert in everything. To help you understand any concerns with your oral health and how it can be improved, Dr. Kooner will use tools, such as digital x-rays and photos of your teeth, to provide you with detailed information about your condition. We will make sure that the cost of treatment, its duration and complete treatment options are clearly explained to help you achieve a healthy smile. 

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Direct Billing to your Insurance

Whenever possible, our team will try to direct bill to your insurance plan to make it easier for you and help relieve some of the financial stress of treatment. We will also try to provide you with a detailed breakdown of your insurance plan so that you can maximize your benefits. 

Advanced Technology for Better Results

We use innovative technologies to reduce discomfort, guarantee accurate diagnoses and provide more efficient treatment. At Wasaga Dental, you will benefit from Digital X-rays that are more accurate and safer than traditional methods and intraoral cameras and digital scanners that provide in-depth information about your oral health.



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