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Root Canals save teeth

Having a Root Canal Treatment is the ideal way to save a tooth that would otherwise die and need to be removed. Many people would rather remove a tooth that is causing pain or is infected, but by extracting (pulling) a tooth, it ultimately becomes more costly and causes significant problems to the other teeth around it. 

Root canal treatment is very successful and usually lasts a lifetime if the patient takes good care of their dental health. Root Canal Treatment is required when the pulp (nerve tissue) of the tooth is infected from decay or bacteria. The infected nerve tissue is removed and the canal space in the roots are disinfected and sealed to allow the immune system to fight the bacterial infection that is growing underneath the roots due to leakage from the tooth. In some cases, the tooth requiring treatment may have complex root anatomy or the infection is such that it needs a specialist, called an endodontist, to examine and complete the root canal treatment. In these cases, Dr. Kooner will work closely with our endodontic specialist to explain your case, send necessary records to their office, and place the final filling and crown after your root canal is completed. 



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