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Crown and Bridge

Dental crowns cover a natural tooth like a cap which provide an entirely new surface and adds protection. When you have a large filling on a tooth, the risk of tooth fracture increases dramatically, so a dental crown may be recommended to prevent fractures and possibly tooth loss.

A Dental bridge is a long span of crowns that is meant to replace a missing tooth. In order to replace a missing tooth, the teeth in front and behind the gap are crowned and an attachment in the middle will replace the missing tooth. 

What to expect during a crown and bridge appointment

In most cases, the creation and placement of a dental crown or bridge will require at least two appointments. To begin, we will capture molds of the tooth or teeth in question, and these molds will be used to make a temporary crown that patients can wear while waiting for their final crown to delivered. After decay is removed, and the tooth is shaped to accommodate the crown, Dr. Kooner will take an impression of the tooth and bite to allow the dental laboratory to create the final crown. Before you leave your appointment, Dr. Kooner will place the temporary crown over the tooth to protect it over the next 2-3 weeks.

At your next appointment, the temporary crown will be removed, and the underlying tooth will be polished to try-in the permanent crown. The dental crown will be checked for correct appearance, spacing, seal and overall bite before cementing it in permanently. Going forward, Dr. Kooner and our team will monitor the crown during check-ups and cleanings to ensure a long life for the crown and tooth. 



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