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Why Wasaga Dental Centre

In Wasaga Dental Centre, Wasaga Beach, ON. you will be amazed and impressed by how much our dentist is trained to deal with the complex cases, We cover all part of dentistry in Wasaga Dental, Beginning with a comprehensive exams and going through complex wisdoms teeth extraction and braces cases.


Our Dentists have great experience in Root Canal therapy, wisdom teeth extractions and 20 years of performing braces and orthodontic treatment. Not only that, our dentists graduated from the most prestigious Canadian Dental schools, and conducted highly sophisticated dental service.

Everything in Wasaga Dental Centre is Digital and paperless, starting by filling the medical history questionnaires, and to make it faster for our patients, we email forms to our patients to fill at their most convenient time. 

In Wasaga Dental, we are an assignment dental office, which means you do not have to pay up front for your dental treatment, you just take care of your co-payment whatever it will be, our highly trained front desk will call you insurance and will know exactly what are you eligible for in order to avoid surprises. 

Never hesitate to call us 705-429-2000 or visit us 1890 Mosley st, Wasaga Beach


We offer 15 minute complimentary consult for all new patients, in this visit you will be meeting the dentist and have a walk through out the office and to be introduced to our technolog