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Wasaga Dental Dental is paperless, and here is why!

If you recall visiting a dental office in the past, you may have seen walls of filing cabinets containing patient files, all organized in alphabetical order. While this system works, it is time consuming for the dental office employees and leaves the office – and patient records – open to a variety of concerns, such as theft, vandalism, fire, and other natural disasters. Diligent dentists carry the necessary insurance to cover the building, equipment and furniture, but patient files can not be recovered.

Our patient security and privacy is our biggest concern – which is why we are a paperless environment. All of our patient information is stored in an online database that is backed up nightly and kept off-site. This ensures that our patient information is kept confidential, secure and safe.

Aside from patient security, a paper free environment offers additional benefits:

  • Complete and legible records: every person writes differently – with an online database, patient files are quickly accessed and easily read

  • Automatic data and time stamping: every time a patient file is accessed, it is stamped with the employee’s unique identifier

  • Improved customer service: pulling and filing patient records used to take up 25% of administration time, resulting in office staff spending less time with the patient. With an online database, all information is easily and quickly accessed, which means more time spent with our favorite people - our patients

  • Eco-friendly: having a paper free environment results in less waste

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