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Braces vs Invisalign, which one is good for you

Braces vs. Invisalign:

Everyone knows what dental braces are. Put simply, braces straighten teeth using ceramic or metal brackets and wires to force the teeth into their straight position. These brackets are tightened by the dentist at regular appointments approximately every 4-8 weeks. Once the teeth have been straightened and the braces have been removed, a patient is still required to wear a retainer at night, sometimes for up to 2 years.

Invisalign braces are clear, plastic aligning trays that are custom-made for each patient. These aligners are worn for approximately 20 hours per day and should be removed when eating or brushing the teeth. In order to continue to straighten the teeth, a new aligner is used every two weeks.

Depending on the severity of the problem, dental braces and Invisalign treatments tend to take the same amount of time and have similar outcomes.


Dental braces:

  • cause pain and pressure when tightened

  • can irritate the cheeks and gums

  • limited with foods that can be eaten (for example, nuts, ice cubes, popcorn or chewy candies can damage the braces)

  • oral hygiene, such as brushing, must be done carefully around the brackets to prevent decay, a regular cleaning will minimize the development of dental caries

  • retainer applied when braces come off


  • cause a little discomfort every two weeks when new aligner is worn

  • soft, smooth edges, will not irritate cheeks or gums

  • no limitations when eating (Invisalign is removed when eating)

  • no changes to oral hygiene (Invisalign is removed when brushing and flossing)

  • no retainer is required in some cases

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