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Mercury Free Fillings

At ToothPort Dental, we are mercury free office, tooth-colored fillings can reach comparable compressive strength. Silver fillings are not matched to your tooth color, you deserve a better smile. Metal “mercury” fillings have poor esthetic qualities, long term corrosion that can cause staining on your teeth and the gums and possible marginal breakage. Additionally, The majority of metal fillings are not bonded to the tooth structure.


We use tooth-colored restorations that will provide you a better smile and quality. With the latest generation of bonding agents, the restoration can be more retentive restoration with less sensitivity, resulting in highly stain-resistant surfaces. Our dentist along with the help of the dental assistant match the shade to your natural tooth, in order to achieve a higher aesthetic result.

Call us today (705) 516-8000 or visit us at 17 king st, Angus,ON

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