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Tooth abscess is a dental infection !

An abscess can cause toothache, patient can feel pain in your jawbone, neck, or ear. as well as a sensitivity to hot and cold and to pressure when chewing on that side, a swelling in your face and tenderness around the lymph nodes could be noticeable

When to See us:

You should see us ASAP, call our office and we will see you on the same day. If it occurs after office hours, you can wait until the following day to ask for an emergency appointment. However, you must seek an after-hours emergency appointment if you have a fever, severe swelling, or trouble breathing or swallowing. All these signs suggest that the infection is impacting your jaw, other tissues in the mouth, or possibly even other parts of your body.

Treatment for Abscesses

To remove the tooth abscess, the dentist will need to drain it by either performing a root canal or to remove the tooth, Other option is making a small incision and washing the area with saline solution.

The Dentist will then assess whether the infection has spread beyond the part of your mouth where the abscess is formed. If it has, you will receive antibiotics to cure the rest of the infection accourdigly.

call us now and schedule your appointment (705) 429-2000 or come and see us at 1-1890 Mosley st, Wasaga Beach,ON

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