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Is it important to have straight teeth?

It is becoming a trend now that everyone is looking for a straight teeth to look more sharp. Straight teeth are everywhere! They’re so popular, it’s sometimes hard to believe we’d want our smile to look any other way. But do we want to straighten our teeth?

Straight teeth is not only a cosmetic treatment, it also affects our health, here is some facts:

1- Straightened teeth are easier to be kept clean. A crooked teeth, can easily trap food in between, which eventually can lead to dental caries. Straightening the teeth helps to eliminate space between the teeth where debris is often caught and left to decay.

2- Straight teeth have a lower chance of developing cavities. This is related to brushing and flossing again! Crooked teeth, overbites, and a crowded smile can be hard to clean

3- Straight teeth reduce misaligned bites, which will decrease the chance of Excessive wear and tear of your teeth as well as TMJ problems.

4- Straight teeth reduce your risk of dental trauma or injury. If your teeth are being positioned forward in any way, they are high risk of undesirable contact.

5- Straight teeth look great. And when you look great, you would feel great and more confidence.

Now, would like to visit us for a consultation to have A Straighter Smile?

At Tooth Port Dental, we would to help you to create beautiful smiles with a gentle skilled touch. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

To reach please give our office a call at (705) 516-8000. or come and visit us at 17 king st, Angus,ON

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